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[S7E4] Alaska's Cold Water Killer !!EXCLUSIVE!!

In Season 7 Episode 4 "Alaska's Cold Water Killer", Jeremy Wade searched for a killer fish that was responsible for a series of disappearances with very little evidence. After realizing that the attacks could not have occurred in fresh water, Jeremy dismissed the King Salmon, and after diving with Salmon Sharks, found them to lack the necessary aggression. '

[S7E4] Alaska's Cold Water Killer


The Salmon shark appeared after Jeremy Wade dismissed the Chinook Salmon from his suspect list in Season 7 Episode 4, Alaska's Cold Water Killer. He turned his attention to this cold water killer. To see whether it was the culprit or not he used himself as human bait and dived with a pack of them. However, they did not attack him despite the water being chummed. They then attacked a camera and left. After this Jeremy dismissed the Salmon Shark.

Wade calls on the same instincts he uses to catch living monsters to uncover the most deadly underwater giants of all time. He must read the water (and in some cases the land) for clues in order to bring long-forgotten beasts to light. Using Wade's keen understanding of modern-day monsters, top scientific discoveries and state-of-the-art CGI, the apex killers of the prehistoric era such as the 25-foot, buzz saw-toothed Helicoprion and the bone-crushing Dunkleosteus, come to life as ancient monsters are featured on River Monsters for the first time.

No fish inspires the same terror as the shark, a creature with an insatiable hunger for brutal violence. But at least these killers are confined to the oceans. Or are they? Expert angler Jeremy Wade investigates whether it's possible for sharks to live in freshwater, and if so just how far inland these vicious predators will bring their reign of terror.

Jeremy Wade is on a quest to Africa's Rift Valley to explore the roots of fishing and the monsters these first fishermen faced. It's a dangerous place, filled with killer crocs, hippos and warring gangs, but at its heart is a worthy prize: the Mputa, aka Nile perch, Africa's largest freshwater fish.

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade's cases usually involve freshwater culprits, but with multiple reports of a deep water serial killer in Mexico's Sea of Cortez, he must step out of his comfort zone and into uncharted depths in search of the red devil. 041b061a72


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