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Peter Lavrentiev
Peter Lavrentiev

Classic Piano Collection Native Instruments Torrent ((INSTALL))

the nils frahm instrument is one of those rare exceptions. it delivers a stunningly tight bass, with a rich palette of the highest order, and a tonal depth that simply cannot be matched by any other virtual instrument. there is a reason why its become a staple within the world of cinematic, ambient, and neo-classical production, and it deserves to be sampled from the very first note. in fact, its becoming a bit of a rarity, so its worth taking note of the new release. its all sampled at 24-bit/96 khz, meaning theres little risk of taking advantage of your sampler limitations. this is a must have for anyone looking to fill out a cinematic/ambient piano track, or just add a subtly beautiful layer to a track already recorded using a piano.

Classic Piano Collection Native Instruments Torrent


produced by the makers of the london piano instrument, the skerratt instruments iowa piano combines a similar clean, open sound with a welcome return to the piano samples that ill always remember from the likes of the sool, amstrad and yamaha

theres a lot to like about the skerratt instruments london piano instrument. its characterful, and the way its been crafted is easy on the ears, with a good balance between brightness and the warmth of a real, acoustic piano. its also a joy to play, and while it comes in a number of different versions, the best of which is the native instruments version, with a nice variety of preset variations. theres also the iowa piano, which features a few more tweaks, but the core of the two instruments is the same.

for all the detail, there is little to indicate this is a virtual instrument, so what sets it apart? well, its not just the quality of the sampled piano, its the way its played. ive said many times in the past that im more of a recorder, and this instrument is a perfect example of why. one of the many things that makes the skerratt instruments london piano such a pleasure to play is the way it lets you get right into the thick of the action. its a joy to play, and that comes from the tightness of the bass, and from the sweet sounding upper registers that are found throughout the instrument. its also the way the instrument is designed, with a simple but effective virtual keyboard that allows you to play the piano in a way that feels like a real piano. its the way the whole thing works that really makes the skerratt instruments london piano stand out.


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